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Hey Fitz,

It's that time of term again when your rower friends keep talking about 'spoons', 'blades' and 'bumps' and you keep staring at them, wondering what they're going on about. Lent Bumps is in full swing, so GOOD LUCK to everyone representing Fitz out on the Cam! 

If you're not a rower and therefore actually have time on your hands, there's loads of stuff to do this week. Interested in the humanities? Head over to Pembroke on the 5th for the launch of Silverstreet Magazine's second edition. Interested in travelling? The Travel Society's hosting a talk by a Cambridge alumus who's visited Antarctica over 50 times. Always wanted to volunteer in China? You can't really do that this week, but you can fill out your applications for one of the many programs happening this summer. All this and more below: 


  1. EVENTS: John Harrison After Antarctica, Silverstreet Magazine, Synthetic Biology, Science Makers
  2. OPPORUTNITIES: Tutor in Hong Kong and Macau, CUCCS English Summer Camp, Lauriston Lights, TEFL Certification, Cambridge Summer Institute, Varsity Education
  3. STUDIES: Excess Sugar Consumption
  4. MAY WEEK: St Edmunds' May Ball

1. EVENTS: John Harrison After Antarctica, Silverstreet Magazine, Synthetic Biology, Science Makers


Longing for that once-a-lifetime journey to Antarctica? Or maybe you just want to know more about this less-travelled continent? Here's the chance to hear all about Antarctica, from Cambridge alumnus John Harrison, who has visited Antarctica for over 50 times. In his talk, he will share with us his experiences there, as well as his career as a travel fiction writer. Come join the CUTS! :)

Date: 4 March (Sat) Time: 3:00-4:00 Venue: Timmy Hele Room, Emmanuel College

Know more about John at and the event at

Silverstreet Magazine is back! Come join us for the launch of the Lent issue of Cambridge's interdisciplinary humanities publication, themed Community, at the Nihon Room at Pembroke.  There will be prosecco and petit fours, so come by and buy an issue or subscription, or simply have some interesting conversations! 7-9:30 in the Nihon Room, Pembroke College, March 5th.
This term's issue features various great pieces from Cambridge academics and students, on topics ranging from whether community can ever truly exist online by Dr John Naughton to the relationship between resistance and public space by Jun Pang.

16th March 2017 - Programmable biology in the test tube -
09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, Hauser Forum, 3 Charles Babbage Road.
This day-long workshop will introduce the challenges and opportunities in the field of cell-free diagnostics, with morning talks from the OpenDiagnostics team, expert in the latest advances of this technology Keith Pardee (University of Toronto, Canada) and plant disease expert Dr Richard Echodu (Gulu University, Uganda). This will be followed by an interactive sandpit session.

16th March - Programmable cell extracts – a new biomanufacturing paradigm
Old Divinity School, St John's College -
18:30-20:00, followed by a drinks reception and delicious finger buffet (Registration £5)
Dr. Keith Pardee (University of Toronto) and Dr. Richard Kelwick (Imperial College) discuss how use of cell extracts promises a paradigm shift in biomanufacturing and paves the way to novel modes of computational biodesign, rapid prototyping and bioproduction.

17th March 2017 - Programmable biology in the test tube (practical session) -
09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00, Venue TBC
Get hands on with designing logic circuits using DNA and programming cell extracts to produce colours or other reporters in response to a signal. Physicists, engineers, computer scientists and other non-biologists are particularly welcome to attend and explore new technologies that bring engineering thinking into biology. No prior experience required.


Saturday, March 11, 2017 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Makespace classroom, 16 Mill Lane, CambridgeScience Makers is a monthly event to discuss and build low-cost, DIY and open hardware for science and education. All are welcome for the talks, making or both! This session will dive into building apps to host your data on the web and talk to Arduino boards from your own interface - the use case will be venus flytrap signals measured using the SpikerBox boards we've constructed previously combined with a motor box for micromanipulation.
More information can be found here.You can also join the Cambridge Synthetic Biology Meetup for news on all synbio events:

2. OPPORUTNITIES: Tutor in Hong Kong and Macau, CUCCS English Summer Camp, Lauriston Lights, TEFL Certification, Cambridge Summer Institute, Varsity Education

Do you enjoy sharing your culture with others? Come to Hong Kong and join our EnglishLeap programme!

Our popular EnglishLeap programme gives you the chance to transport yourself to Asia for the summer months, and work with local students and schools to improve their English. You will be able to participate in a variety of camps and teaching activities and make a real difference to the English learning of students here.

Our summer camps take place both in our Hong Kong Studio and in schools in Macau. Students are of all ages, and are all very enthusiastic to meet the 2017 team.


  • Motivated, energetic undergraduate student of any degree subject. Experience of teaching is not essential – what is essential is your passion for fun and learning!
  • Native speaker of English - no Chinese language knowledge is required.
  • Able to commit fully to the requirements of the teaching programme. All successful candidates will fly from London on 2nd July, escorted by a member of our team. Teachers will then be expected to stay until the end of the summer period on 31st August. In previous years candidates have stayed for longer and should you wish to accommodation and compensation will be provided.


  • Return flights from the UK
  • Shared accommodation (twin room) in Hong Kong / Macau, and lunches during camp will be provided.
  • Monthly allowance of 5,000 HKD.
  • Training visa will be provided.
  • Cultural Activities (including trips to Mainland China to experience local family culture, voyages to outlying islands, sights of interest in Hong Kong, Chinese calligraphy, etc.).
  • Teacher training

For more information:

Questions and Contact

If you are interested in applying for EnglishLeap 2017 just send an e-mail with your personal details, CV and reason for applying to:  by March 31st. Please note, candidates will be invited for interview before this date and therefore applications may close prior to this date should enough candidates be selected.

            We look forward to hearing from you!


A fully funded volunteering English teaching program in China this summer!

Interested in teaching children and Chinese culture? Want to do something different and visit China? CUCCS Cambridge English Summer Camp has been successfully hosted for five years. It brings enthusiastic and talented Cambridge students together to inspire and teach Chinese students. Your help will have a great impact on students in China and allow you to share your talents with others, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

 Here's an opportunity for a FULLY FUNDED placement (including flights, accommodation and meals) in Beijing and Shijiangzhuang/Guangdong Province this summer!

-Organizer: The Cambridge University Chinese Cultural Society (CUCCS)-Location: Camford Royal School in Beijing and Shijiazhuang/ Guangdong Province (you'll be allocated to either Beijing plus Shijiangzhuang camp or Guangdong camp)
-Dates: from 10th July to 20th August 2017  (including 32 teaching days and 8 non-teaching days)(*exact dates are subject to change)
-Roles: Teaching English to students age from 8-18 in a summer camp (no previous teaching experience or qualifications are necessary)

-Free return flights (maximum reimbursement 600 pounds), accommodation and meals, an extra 2,000RMB pocket allowance
-Regular Chinese culture classes offered by the school
-Guided sightseeing tours for you to explore China

It will be a highlight on your CV as well as an experience, which you will carry with you for a lifetime.

To apply, please fill in an application form at: (Previous CCS volunteers only need to fill in basic information and will be guaranteed an interview)

Deadline for application is 8rd March 2016. Interviews will be held near the end of Easter term. Email if you have further questions.
P.S. You DO NOT need to have any teaching qualifications or knowledge of Mandarin to volunteer.

Please see our Facebook event page at:


(see attached document)

LAURISTON LIGHTS targets high-ability 11 year-old children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This demographic receives very little specific support from the government, so it’s up to voluntary organisations like us to help them hone their abilities.

Over a two-week summer camp, we aim to help these children find the confidence and skills needed to let them thrive in secondary school and beyond.  

Our camps are entirely operated by current university undergraduates, on a voluntary basis, and we need approximately 40-50 mentors to volunteer with us this August in London and Oxford. Our final deadline is Friday 24th March, so we need to spread the word quickly, and your help would be a great boost for us.  Please find more information about what the camp would involve on our website: [1

Below is our promotional video. [2]   B

elow is our application form. [3]


Gotoco has now opened applications for its 2017 summer TEFL programmes  which take place in diverse locations across China. Teach Chinese  students English and gain a TEFL certificate, while learning all about  Chinese culture and exploring
one of the most diverse countries in the  world. Apply today and have an unforgettable summer!

This year Gotoco will runs summer teaching programmes across 50+  locations around China. Join us to assist with teaching projects in one  of our 'real China' programmes in a typical Chinese city (such as  Beijing, Shanghai,
Chongqing or elsewhere) to learn about what is really  happening in this exciting country. At the end of the programme we offer  a free one week holiday to Yangshuo - our base in the mountains to the  east of Vietnam, which is Lonely Planet's top-rated destination in the  whole country! (see photo below, or at this link

Exact dates vary for each programme, we aim to be as flexible as  possible to cater to the needs of our volunteers. We can offer various  programme durations, anything from 2 weeks to 3 months. Start dates are  flexible, but typically programmes begin at the end of June, mid-July or  the beginning of August.

Join us to learn about China and the world while gaining a valuable TEFL  certificate, along the way make lifelong friends from among the other  volunteers on your teams and the students you help. Pick up valuable CV  boosting work experience while earning references for any future jobs  you may wish to apply for. Most importantly, have an exciting gap year  style adventure and the trip of a lifetime!  To read about some of the many benefits of taking part, why not check  out past volunteer's testimonials here:

Taking part in this programme is completely free of charge, we also  cover the costs of TEFL certification, Chinese lessons, trips,  accommodation and meals, with no additional fees!   Just buy your flights and get a visa and come join us in China. We also  are able to cover the flight costs of those that join us as campus reps. 

Check out our website - - to find out more, or apply  straight away at this link:


(see attached poster)


Varsity Education is a not-for-profit education company that runs summer programmes in both Oxford and Cambridge. Students attending our programmes are aged 15-18 and are keen to learn more about their chosen subjects and looking to apply to top UK Universities. 

We are running one two-week programme in Cambridge between 22nd July - 5th August and one two week programme in Oxford between 7th August – 21st August.


We are looking for advanced undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates from Oxford and Cambridge to lead students in small group classes (in both subject specific lessons as well as study skills workshops), complete general pastoral tasks and accompany students on excursions and activities around the city. There are a number of roles on offer and this is a great opportunity for those keen to spend the summer in the city, gain valuable teaching experience and work with bright students from the UK and around the world.


Most applicants will be required to be available for the full two week session they apply for however, there will also be some part time work available.

We can provide accommodation for those interested in the role of Housemistress/Housemaster and some meals will be included. Pay will be between £300-£400 per week depending on the role. 


If you would like to find out more, please email us at or apply by clicking on this link.

3. STUDIES: Excess Sugar Consumption


**Chance to win £150 in 15 minutes AND help to tackle excess sugar consumption**
This study looks at the effects of graphic warning labels on intentions to consume and purchase sugary drinks and will only take 10-15 minutes of your time. All you have to do is look at some pictures of sugary drinks with image-based warning labels and answer questions about how the images make you feel, about your attitudes towards the sugary drink and your intentions to purchase and consume the drink. Not only could you win £150 but you could also contribute to reducing excess sugar consumption and improve the health of the world. 

Eligibility criteria: The only requirement is that you're a student who drinks sugary drinks (non-diet cola, energy drinks, non-diet squash etc...).

If you want any more information please contact Isabelle Turney


4. MAY WEEK: St Edmunds' May Ball


St. Edmunds 2017 May Ball team wants you! Join the crew and help making our journey to OTHERWORLDS a great adventure. Our volunteers will work one half of the ball and enjoy the other half for free.

To apply, simply visit our website, follow the link "apply to work" at the bottom of the page and fill out the form. Don't worry: it'll only take 5 minutes. We're looking forward to receiving your application!



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As usual, if you've got anything you'd like to add to the bulletin, send me an email at!

Billy love,

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