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Hey Fitz,

Apologies for the especially baa-d goat pun. To make up for my lack of creativity (and to follow the slew of new Facebook pages), I decided to try my hand at poetry composition:

Roses are red,
Goats are grey*
Hope you all had a great
Valentine's day 

ANYWAY moving on, this week's highlights include MSF's charity formal (good food for a good cause!), and the chance to get involved in cool psychology/sociology studies to add to the corpus of research on the WEIRD population.

And, since it's Week 5, here's a really cute video of goats in pajamas to brighten your day!

*DISCLAIMER: not all goats are grey



  1. EVENTS: MSF Charity Formal, Young Entrepreneur Workshop, Mastana 2017
  2. OPPORTUNITIES: Uniconnect, Camford Summer School Mentors
  3. STUDIES: Emotion Processing, Feeling of Being Offended

1. EVENTS: MSF Charity Formal, Young Entrepreneur Workshop, Mastana 2017


20th February 2017, Monday, 7pm Selwyn College 

Enjoy CU Friends of MSF's annual charity dinner with:

- our guest speaker who has worked as a Water and Sanitation engineer at two MSF missions (South Sudan and Central Africa Republic)

- live music

- charity raffle with an array of very attractive prizes from Aromi, ARK, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Culinaris, Fudge Kitchen, Bacchanalia, Heffers, and more! 

Early-bird tickets have been subsidised by the generous support of Selwyn's master. Please order yours now! Visit for more details.

When:  Wednesday 15th February, 7pm
Where: LR4, Cambridge University Engineering Department, Trumpington Street

Get first-hand insights from parallel entrepreneur, angel investor, and CEO of Horizon Discovery Group, Dr. Darrin Disley who will be talking on two themes: 

The first hour will be focussed on marketing and selling your idea (strategy, tactics and pitching) and then the second hour will be creating multi-functional teams built around those with CUE £1k or £5k entries. We will produce a marketing plan for these ideas which will then be pitched at the third workshop as well as grading each other's contributions to the plan.
This workshop will focus on improving your pitching skills. This is a great opportunity to practice for the 5k business competition! The workshop is open to all aspiring entrepreneurs – you are welcome to join even if you are currently not participating in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition. No experience and no business idea required. However, we do encourage you to let yourself get inspired!

Facebook event:


Mastana is being put on by the Hindu Cultural Society.

The event is on 5th March and we have a Facebook page which students can follow or see for details on how to buy tickets/get to know a bit more about what the event entails. Tickets can also be purchase on the Cambridge live website –

2. OPPORTUNITIES: Uniconnect, Camford Summer School Mentors


Uniconnect is a new site that aims to help prospective university  students make the right choices about university, college and course.  

From an access perspective, the expense of travelling to Open Days can act as a barrier to information for a lot of prospective applicants from lower socio-economic backgrounds. They see their platform as a way for students from all backgrounds and geographies to access reliable and useful, first-hand information from current students about all aspects of University life.  

For their platform to work properly, they need as many current students as possible signed up as mentors. The students will be paid £20/hour to give advice sessions.  

More information can be found on their website and facebook page below:  


Facebook page:


(see attached poster for more information) 


**Flights & Insurance included!**

If you currently have no plans for your summer holidays and want a different experience with travel, culture and new friends then apply to be an au pair/English tutor in China for 6 weeks (plus one extra week of travel)!

- Live with a Chinese host family for 6 weeks

- Tutor English and help organise activities

- Share your culture and be a role model for your host-children

- Attend organised cultural/social activities with other au pairs

- Learn the language with free mandarin lessons

- Travel to the destination of your choice in China for your last week.

The programme starts in early July and you will most likely be placed in Beijing along with many other au pairs. 

For more information please email Hannah at (I am a recent Cambridge graduate who au paired with this company in Beijing for 3 months during my gap year). 

This is a great opportunity and places are going fast! '

3. STUDIES: Emotion Processing, Feeling of Being Offended


We are looking for healthy volunteers that will be paid to take part in a study involving an emotion processing task (computer based) with some general cognitive tests. 

Participants should meet the following criteria:

- Aged 18 and over

- Native English speaker

- No diagnosis of developmental dyslexia 

The study will take no longer than 2 hours and participants will be reimbursed £7.50/hour  If you are interested, sign up at Please contact Angela at if you require more information.


My name is Gavin Stevenson, I am an PhD student in the department of Sociology and am currently undertaking a project into the feeling of being offended. I am recruiting participants for interviews, expected to last one hour to discuss their experiences of having been offended.

If you are willing to participate, you will be asked before the interview to think of something that you have recently been offended by. During the interview, you will be asked to give a description of a situation in which you took or felt offence. Following your descriptions you will be asked a series of questions about your experiences. Please ensure it is something that you are comfortable and able to talk about during the interview.

All interviews will be conducted in university department buildings or colleges and rooms will be found and negotiated based upon convenience to you. All interviews will be voice-recorded to allow a full-transcription by the interviewer (unless requested otherwise). All information will be anonymised within the study, to ensure no information or quotations can be directly linked back to you.

For more information about the study, or to volunteer to participate, please do not hesitate to email



The following file is attached to this e-mail:

2017 Summer School Student Mentors Needed.pdf
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As per usual, if you've got anything you'd like me to include in the bulletin, don't hesitate to send me an email at!

Billy love,

Tara Ahluwalia
Secretary & Communications Exec

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